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Imagine Building your very own Amazing Stuffed Animal from start to finish!

Events Can Be Different!

Why Us?

Everyone is involved at a Teddy Bear Mobile Party!  

Picking out their own furry animal and stuffing them, picking out the outfit and naming the new friend. 

The best part is they get to take their new friend to their new forever home and enjoy them for many years to come.  

What are you waiting for, the hard part is done you have found us. Click the button and let's get to planning your next event!  

We HAVE the Answer!

Look no further, you have found the perfect party or event! 

No matter what size or budget we have a package that suits your needs.  

We bring a Create-Your-Own Stuffed Animal party to YOU!!!. 

Tired of the average party or fundraiser? 
Do you love to plan an extraordinary event that has kids smiling from ear to ear? 
Does the thought of spending too much money to watch kids jump around on the same old inflatables, buy the same seeds that never sprout, spend money at dried out pretzel sales and buying wrapping paper for no reason whatsoever make you cringe? 


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